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Banchory Tennis Ladder

 Please keep playing through the winter and keep gthe ladder active!



1. Players may challenge opponents up to 2 ladder positions above them. This can be done in person or by text or email but the challenge must be recorded on the board in the Clubhouse with the date. If unable to do that in person, request assistance from the Club Coach.

2. Player contact details should be obtained by logging into the Club Website and going to “Members Directory” under the Member Pages. Note that any information (e.g. phone numbers) written on the ladder board will be visible on the Club’s Facebook page.

3. Matches should be played within 2 weeks of the challenge date at a mutually agreed time.

4. Players can only accept/make one challenge at a time.

5. Matches can be either one set or best of three by mutual agreement.

6. If the challenger wins, that player is inserted into the ladder one position above the opponent.

7. If the opponent is unable to play within 2 weeks of the challenge date, the challenger is deemed to have "won" so long as the challenger has provided ample opportunities to play. If not the challenge must be withdrawn. This is an important rule to make sure that the ladder remains fluid even if people do not play to defend their positions.

8. The ladder positions on the board in the Clubhouse will be updated by the players after each match.

9. A picture of the ladder board will be posted on the Club's Facebook/ Website pages at least once a week.

10. New entrants will be given an approximate ranking on the ladder by the Club Coach.

11. The ladder process will be administered by the Club Coach who will deal with any questions that arise, or in his absence, the Club President.

Latest News

Coaching YYYYY
May 26, 2019

Is Junior Coaching ON or OFF ?

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Last Updated 26/05/19 Block 2 Junior after-school classes All SUNDAY CLASSES TODAY (26th May 2019) are CANCELLED due to poor weather and court conditions Due to the unpredicable weather, we will not know whether the coaching is ON or OFF until the same day. We will keep this link active to show the latest status of planned coaching. Read more...
Venice Tennis Camp
January 19, 2020

Italy Tennis Trip 23rd - 30th May 2020

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wimbledon tennis logo
January 16, 2020

LTA Wimbledon 2020 Ballot "Opt In"

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LTA - Wimbledon 2020 Ballot "Opt In" request YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU! PLEASE "OPT IN" TO THE WIMBLEDON BALLOT FOR THE BENEFIT OF OUR CLUB MEMBERS. Each year, the LTA allocate a number of pairs of wimbledon tickets to each affiliated tennis club. The annual procedure now is that each BTM (LTA member) must 'Opt In' to the Wimbledon Ballot. The number of tickets that the LTA allocate to Banchory will… Read more...
Poland 2020
January 10, 2020

Poland Adults Tennis Trip 14th - 21st July 2020

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childrens camp 2020
January 08, 2020

Childrens Tennis Camp 2020

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October 29, 2019

Potential Funding Support for Juniors on LTA…

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The Club is keen to support the development of junior coaches at the club by helping fund expenses incurred by Juniors attending LTA training courses. Applications for help with funding of up to £50 per annum will be considered from young trainee coaches who have demonstrated the following: under 18 years old commitment to the club by providing voluntary support for activities willingness to… Read more...
hotshots poster 2019
October 29, 2019

Junior Hotshots 2019-20

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Junior Hotshots Continuing initialtive to promote more competitoins for Juniors The Hotshot Mini Tennis Tennis Tour is now taking entries. It's designed to be a fun and competitive experience for all mini tennis players in the north east. Bare minimum price as it will be run by volunteers! Thanks to all clubs for supporting. Parents may be asked to assist with keeping score. Please get your… Read more...
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October 07, 2019

Competition guide and TS Tour information

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Some information from Tennis Scotland to help regarding local competitions … The aim here is to compete, learn, enjoy and improve 😁💪🎾🏆 LTA competitions guide is HERE (rating/ranking) and HERE (rules and regulations); basically... most established local competitions are Grade 4 (NE confined events, championships, tour events), with the exception of the Stewart Milne NE Indoor Championships (at… Read more...