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Some information from Tennis Scotland to help regarding local competitions …
The aim here is to compete, learn, enjoy and improve 😁💪🎾🏆
LTA competitions guide is HERE (rating/ranking) and HERE (rules and regulations); basically...
  • most established local competitions are Grade 4 (NE confined events, championships, tour events), with the exception of the Stewart Milne NE Indoor Championships (at Aberdeen Tennis Centre) over the Christmas/New Year break, which is a Grade 3. 
  • Ranking points are available at Grade 5 and above. Ratings matches/‘wins’ are available in any competition result submitted to the LTA.
  • Recommendation- District players should be targeting Grade 4 and 3 tournaments, prioritising local events (where sensible)
  • Play both singles and doubles where possible
  • Competition search HERE - it is good to get the players doing this
In addition to the regular competition calendar, Tennis Scotland have introduced a format to encourage more local competition opportunities. These are split into 2 types of event, detailed below. We (NESLTA) will be supporting and looking to run various events at Aberdeen Tennis Centre and other NE club venues going forwards. These will be uploaded onto the LTA competitions search (link above) for entry so keen an eye out...
  1. TENNIS SCOTLAND OPEN TOUR (incorporating Scottish National Championships)


A Progressive draw, where players can qualify through the rounds or get a bye depending on their rating. This should group players together of similar ratings and ability at each stage, which will provide good competitive matches.
    • See attached poster for information.
    • Aberdeen Tennis Centre (Westburn) is hosting a local stage (TS300) on Saturday 26th Oct (2pm – 6/7pm).
Link to enter Aberdeen event - (note – players rated above 6.1 are likely to be placed into the TS500 stage)
We encourage all of our yellow ball players to enter and compete if you are available.
  1. TS300 (standalone events)


This is a format which is being encouraged by Tennis Scotland for local venues/clubs/districts to organise and run competition. A TS300 event can be either singles or doubles and open to any yellow ball player (juniors and adults). It is played using a short format (Fast4- new rules) allowing all matches to be scheduled over a few hours, with everyone getting multiple games. The aim is for competition opportunities to be assessable and competitive to encourage competition which will then help players to improve/develop. 
  • Aberdeen Tennis Centre (ATC) will schedule TS300 events over the winter as a trial to see if our local player base is keen to play. These will replace the yellow ball match plays which NESLTA have previously organised and ran at ATC. will still get games which will ‘count’ towards their rating but not ranking (as it is Grade 6 competition), which is the same as a ‘Matchplay’ format.
Keep an eye out on the LTA competition search for TS300 events at Aberdeen Tennis Centre – these will be uploaded soon (singles, doubles & male, female events).
  • Considering the new player rating system (World Tennis Number- info here) the LTA are implementing from April 2020, the TS300 format will provide match ups that will count/contribute towards each players new rating/WTN. The new system has several advantages including…
    1. A more accurate system based on a mathematical calculation to reflect the playing standard of each player irrespective of where they play and which competitions they play in
    2. A dynamic system which will change on a regular basis to give a ‘real time’ playing standard of each player and allow players to better track their progress
    3. A system which is gender and age neutral and rates all players on the same scale

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