BLTC Feb Box Leagues Update

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  -Feb 20 Box League Provisional Draw

Dear Visitor,


Box Leagues will start on Monday 24th February. We will have Box Leagues in mens singles, mens doubles, ladies singles, ladies doubles. They need to be completed by Sunday 31st March.


These are the DRAFT box leagues based on responses so far. You need to confirm your entries before Sunday 23rd Feb.  




League one,


Scott Craig, Marek Wilowski, Conal Cowie, Chris White



League two,


Paul Wilson, Daniel Abbot, Douglas Law, Dave Shannon,



League three,


David Campbell, Connor Melvin, Henry Allen, Ben Borrowman



League four,


Graham Ross, Greg Becker, Mark Reith, Alistair Blackwell



League five,


Dylan Duncan, Rob Mackay, Philip Whiteley



Mens doubles


League one,  


Marek Wilowski and Rob Jansen, Douglas Law and Dave Shannon, Henry Allen and Mark Reith, Conal Cowie and partner required. (Greg Becker?)



League two,


Alistair Blackwell and Ben Borrowman, Philip Whiteley and David Campbell, Daniel Abbot and Graham Ross, Paul Wilson and Alistair Donaldson. 



Ladies singles 



Emma-Louise Bolland, Janet Reith, June Meredew



Ladies doubles 



Jane Hoare and Fiona Graham, Diana Bruce and Margaret Wilson, Babs Buglass and June Meredew, Lisa Burnett and Janet Reith.


I think June is still away?


Please confirm by email.  My direct email address is


Any additions or deletions must be made by Sunday 23rd as new box leagues will be issued by email on the following day. 


Thank you