Happy Easter

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Easter Wishes from BLTC


Dear Visitor,



I hope that you are all able to enjoy this glorious Easter Weekend, despite the terrible times we are experiencing.


During our enforced absence from the tennis courts, be sure to check out the Banchory Tennis FaceBook page where there are links and suggestions for exercises that we can do to hone our tennis skills in readiness for the day when we can reopen the courts.


Like me, you may be astonished to find that chocolate eggs are not part of the recommended routines, but why not take up the Andy Murray challenge to achieve 100 volleys non-stop and post a video of your results on the BLTC FaceBook page? The gauntlet has been thrown down by the Cowie family. Find a hitting partner or a garage door and show off your skills!


You Tube is awash with suggestions, but why not start with the Tennis on the Road series with Judy Murray or the coaching tips from Kris Soutar and also Deeside Tennis Academy? All of these are available on the BLTC FaceBook page here.


Very best wishes for a happy and healthy Easter and looking forward to seeing everyone on the court soon.



Best Regards



Arlene MacFarlane
BLTC President