Banchory Lawn Tennis Club

Banchory Lawn Tennis Club





(These can be amended by the Committee)

  1. The Annual Subscription shall be payable on or before 1st March of the current year. Any member whose subscription is outstanding as at 14th April shall, at the discretion of the Management Committee, be deemed to have resigned from the Club.
  2. Late Season Membership Discount of 50% shall operate after August 31st
  3. Members may bring guests to play. Junior members must consult a Committee member before bringing any guest. Senior guests shall pay a fee of £5.00 and junior guests a fee of £2.50 per session.   
  4. A temporary membership of £10.00 per week or £15.00 per fortnight shall be charged for visitors wishing to play for a limited period, on application to the Committee. Such temporary junior membership will be half price.  
  5. Court usage and priorities are shown on the schedule posted on the website and notice boards. This schedule is subject to periodic review.
  6. A rotational system will be operate on the courts when 12 or more members are in attendance and singles play should only take place if 10 or less are present. If any member is waiting to play, players will occupy the courts for 1 Short Set only.
  7. During Club Social Sessions, and unless otherwise agreed by all players, Short Sets shall be played.
  8. A normal Short Set is defined as first-to six with sudden-death duces (with the receiving pair able to choose which player receives). Other Short Set formats may be chosen such as first-to-four or play-four.
  9. The interpretation of these Regulations shall be subject to the principles in the Constitution. The decision of the Committee on any question arising thereon shall be final.